The Fan Led Group note with interest today’s statement from the football club relating to the North Stand, OEC and the current situation. 

Yesterday we released details of the presentation event in the OEC to be held after the friendly game with Bolton Wanderers, here we will release the full plans for the Stadium purchase and developments. Tickets and full details on the event are available here – 

We do however feel that there are one or two issues that have arisen that we do need to clarify on a more immediate basis. 

Over the last 2 months, the Fan Led Group have contacted senior club officials on a number of occasions to request a meeting ahead of the new season to agree the details of the SLA (Service Level Agreement) for the Joe Royle Stand for 2019/20 season, an ongoing annual agreement. The Club has failed to reply to any of these requests. The first that the Fan Led Group knew of the closure of the Joe Royle Stand for the friendlies was through the Club’s website story on July 11 detailing this. 

The SLA for the clubs use of the Joe Royle Stand hospitality facilities and kiosks on a matchday was sent to the Club on May 9.

In terms of ‘unreasonable demands’ the proposed SLA for the new season has the same commercial terms applied to it as the previous 2018/19 season agreement, with a 4% increase to cover a rise in the minimum wage and food costs over the last 12 months. The Club have also been offered a guaranteed income from the kiosks, something that in previous season’s hasn’t happened.

There is no hospitality on offer within the OEC for either of the two home friendlies. The Broadway Suite bar will be open as a public bar before and after both matches. Due to the Club’s decision to close the Joe Royle Stand, there is no way for anyone to watch the matches from within. 

The Fan Led Group do not exist to hinder the Club in any way. As has been well documented, the people involved are long standing Oldham Athletic supporters. We prefer to deal with commercial agreements in a wholly professional manner.

The Club have refused all attempts to arrange meetings regarding the agreement for next season since it was sent on the 9th May. We would invite supporters to attend the event on July 27th to see the full vision of the Fan Led Group, and until then we will be making no further comment.