At last night’s Fans Forum, it was stated by Club Director, Mr Barry Owen that the current ownership structure of OAFC is that Mr Abdallah Lemsagam owns 97% with Trust Oldham owning the remaining 3% shares.

We understand this to be false.

We can confirm that we have been approached by a third party, on the basis of our proposals for the future, with an offer to sell to us a percentage of shares in the football club.  After negotiations the terms of this purchase have now been agreed.

We have now instructed our solicitors to take this matter forward to completion.

What this means is that the FLG, upon completion, will hold a percentage share of the Football Club.  These are A shares with full voting rights over and above all existing members of the current OAFC Board of Directors, aside from Mr Lemsagam.

Once the legalities are finalised we will issue a statement detailing the purchase, until this stage we are unable to make any further comment.